Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is the Place!

One of our first outings in Utah this summer was to "This is the place" state park. (Or is it the right place.) My two sisters, my mom, and I went with all 10 kids! We had so much fun walking along the old fashioned streets. We wandered into old shops, pretended to take care of all the chores in an old house, rode a pony, pulled a handcart, went to a pretend school, made wool, rode a train, and just about melted to death in the heat.
The kids loved getting popcorn and a toy at the ZCMI general store. I loved the rows of candy jars! Thanks for the toy and treats Grandma!
We might start making our own wool, it keeps the kids busy and it must be cheaper than buying it. Oh yeah, we don't have a sheep. Well, it seemed like a good idea.
I don't think Joshua has ever held this still for so long. Maybe it was because the teacher just explained to the kids what she did with the paddle if they misbehaved. I think we might need to introduce the paddle to our primary children at church...

Notice Johnny and Britton in the back--I think they are cheating:)
We got a good feel for how the pioneers felt as they pulled the handcart. It was about 95 degrees out. I had to remind the kids that their cart was empty and they had shorts on and they had on good shoes and they had a paved road. Maybe we didn't get a real feel for what they pioneers had to do. I am sure grateful for their sacrifice!

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Doug, Katie, Britton, Hayden, Boston Anderson said...

oh come back! It was so much fun to have you here. The kids all had so much fun together. This is the place was way hot but really quite fun. Thanks for coming and spending your whole summer with us we sure enjoyed it!