Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I feel so lucky to have such cute kids who love to get dressed in green on St. Patrick's Day. You would have thought it was Christmas around here as excited as they were. As a tradition in our family I draw a little shamrock on the kids cheek with green marker, even Bree wanted one on her cheek. When I was little my mom would put a little foil shamrock sticker on our cheek to wear to school. She always put a few extra in my pocket to give to my friends. I wish I could find those stickers, it is one of my favorite memories! I have had enough food tinted green with food coloring to last me at least until next year, yuck--not a fan of food coloring.
LOOK! Can you see the grass behind my kids??? Unless you live in upstate NY you will find it hard to believe there is still grass under all the snow we had this year. 145 inches to be almost exact! We beat out Buffalo and Rochester by at least 40 inches. That is not a competition I like to win! Joshua keeps reminding me that tomorrow is the first day of Spring and we should be getting out the summer clothes. I hope he is not devastated to find out the high tomorrow is going to be about 41.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please tell me this happens to you too...

I was rushing about the house yesterday looking for Gabriella's shoes so we could get the kids to school on time and I could not find them anywhere! She likes to play with them throughout the day and so they end up in strange places. After looking in a few places, I came up with the shoes in the picture above. Three shoes, not one of them a matching pair. At this point I was desperate and was willing to put her in unmatching shoes. Well, as you can see from the picture they are ALL THE LEFT SHOE!!! What the heck? It was one of those mornings...

Luckily, I found her church shoes.