Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's that time of year again! Kids are so cute and SO hyper on Halloween. It is just too fun to be a kid!

Joshua wanted to be a super hero of some sort and it was a tough decision, but Aniken Skywalker was the winner!

Gabriella started out wanting to be a Puma. What??? Then she switched to a bird. Huh??? Then it was baby Jaguar. (She was killing me!) When we pulled out the old costumes we found this one of Samantha's that-- thanks to Mom's quick thinking--became a baby Jaguar Princess. She couldn't have been more thrilled! That was a close one...

Samantha picked an adorable lady bug. She knew what she wanted and there was no changing her mind.

Mariah loves this dress of mine and figured out a way to use it again as a different costume. Love the lashes!

Baby Olivia was the sweetest little Bunny you have ever seen! You should she her crawl around with that fluffy bunny tail up in the air. Precious:)

Kris was very clever to create his Wolverine costume at the last minute. Those claws are very serious. I think he is handsome.

I was a little busy putting everyone else's costumes together that I just pulled out the Hawaiian costume...again.

We went to a Halloween party with all the Orthopedic Residents and their families. It was a lot of fun and very chaotic.

Mariah and our friend Eden.

You wouldn't know from this expression but as we were leaving Gabriella told me she had "doe much bun!" Hope she learns to talk by next year:)

Here's all the women that have gone along for the ride on this relentless Orthopedic Residency adventure!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I try to get toys out for Olivia to play with, but where is she?

I make a nice cozy corner with a basket of toys for her to pull out and enjoy, but where is Olivia?

She would rather play with the dirty shoes and mess up all my kitchen drawers.

Consider this a kind reminder that as Christmas season approaches and you stew and stress over what toys to get your little ones, they will always be happier with the wrapping paper and box than with the actual toy! Shop accordingly....