Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silly, silly girlie

Gabriella loves her "packpack" usually she needs to have more then one, but so far 3 on at one time is her limit. She loves her hat and mittens (which usually don't match each other) too! This girl is so funny to watch getting herself all put together to go out. In her "packpack" there is most likely her favorite blankies, books, Dora and boots dolls and of course some sunglasses. I am actually very surprised she is not wearing sunglasses, that was clearly an oversight on her part!

2 Months Little:)

Little Olivia is the sweetest baby ever! She weighed 12.6 and measured 23.5 inches at her 2 month check up. So, at least you know we are not letting her go hungry. She is still the kids favorite new toy:) And yes, I will kiss her cheeks for you!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wrestle Mania

Kris insisted on signing Joshua up for wrestling this season. Joshua was very excited about it at first, but after the first practice he realized it was really hard work. He likes the wrestling part, but doesn't like to learn the moves. Kris had to bribe him pretty well to get him to go to practice. He participated in a couple of tournaments and did okay. He didnt win much, but he also didn't cry much which is what most of the 5 year olds did if they weren't winning. In fact we watched two other boys wrestle each other and they were BOTH crying almost the entire time. All the Moms felt sorry for them and all the Dads were laughing. Joshua did win one match and he was super excited that he got a medal for 5th place. He has a season record of 1-6. At least next season there is plenty of room for improvement. Kris was so proud of his mini-me. I am glad that Joshua didn't feel too bad about his matches. He still thinks he is batman made of steel. I think WWF has a new character in the works...

Kris' mom could never watch Kris wrestle because it made her too anxious and scared for him. I never understood why she didn't want to watch him, but after watching my sweet boy wrestling I completely understand.


Kris and the kids had a week of vacation a couple of weeks ago. We just stayed here and tried to have a bit of fun. I did my best to keep Kris' "to do" list small. One afternoon the kids and I were all sitting in the house and I started to wonder "where is Daddy?". We finally looked out the window and found him building his own snow fort. He claims he was doing it by himself so he could get a good start on it before the kids tried to help, but I think he just wanted to play by himself:)

The kids did finally go out to help and as it turns out Kris was smart to get a good start on his own. It was hard work and the kids got cold before it was done. Gabriella went out for a long time and came in for a warm bath. She wanted to go out again but didn't want to get all bundled up. She won but it looked like child abuse to let her go out in her pajamas, rain boots and Kris' gloves.

Joshua pretty much just chilled the whole time, not a fan of hard work in the snow.

Luckily some neighbors came over and helped finish up Kris' snow fort. I think he is working way too hard at the hospital and maybe even beginning to lose his mind a bit. I hope he had a relaxing stay-cation and was able to reclaim some of his sanity. We loved having him home and can't wait until his next vacation. Maybe we will even be able to go somewhere warm. Kris could release his stress building a sandcastle, now that would be so much better!