Saturday, January 29, 2011


It has been a month FULL of celebrations. With 3 kids having birthdays in January it makes for a month full of PARTIES!!!

So, let's review...

Mariah turned 12 this year and I cannot believe she could possibly be that old--especially considering I am only like...23:) She celebrated her birthday with friends during the Christmas break. She wanted to have a sleepover for her birthday and we decided that she could have one last sleepover. We recently decided we are not going to have sleepovers anymore and this party proved to us what a good decision that was. I could not get these girls to go to sleep! I had to turn into the mean Mom after they woke up Olivia for the third time. Mariah had fun and I guess that is what is most important. Happy birthday to the best 12 year old I know--We love our Mariah!

Mariah's friends--the girls had a blast playing the Kinect on Xbox. They laughed and screamed--a lot!

Also turning 12 means that Mariah will be joining the Young Woman program at our church. On her birthday the stake put on a fun conference for all the girls ages 12 and 13. There was a sweet program and lots of fun crafts to do. I am so happy that I am in the Young Woman presidency so I get to be with her. I am so excited for all the fun, spiritual, and growing experiences she is about to have over the next 6 years she is in the program. I can't wait to see her become an even more beautiful girl, inside and out!

Samantha turned 10 this year! She had a long, stretched out birthday. On her actual birthday she had a dance recital and so we celebrated the night before with her favorite dinner and gifts. One her actual day we all went and watched her dance recital and went for ice cream after. Then, a few days later she had her birthday party with her friends. We went ice skating for her birthday. The girls were all really nervous and afraid they would fall, but they were great sports and tried to laugh each time they fell. I am sure they will all have a few bruises.

Samantha is such an amazing girl and we are so glad she is part of our family. She is a beautiful girl and smart as can be as well! We keep saying that this is her year to try to grow a few inches. She hasn't grown in almost two years so this is bound to be the year she gains a couple of inches! But, if not--we will still love her:)

And finally...

Miss Olivia turned one! I do not know how in the world that happened. I feel like this past year was pushed in a time warp because I cannot believe how fast it has gone. She was a very sweet birthday girl. She was very excited about all the balloons!

Olivia is a very precious baby. She has such a calming influence on our family and we all love her very much! I hope this next year does not go by so fast.

She loved dancing on the table and was tempted to eat a big bite out of the cake!

We thought she would devour her cake when we set it in front of her, but she was very funny about it. She flipped it over and looked disgusted at it. One of my friends thought I was mean to give her such a small cake after withholding goodies from her for her whole life. Maybe Livi was mad at me.

Even after taking a bite she still looked at us like we were crazy for forcing her to eat cake. I have never had a baby be so passive about their first birthday cake eating. She did squish it around really well. Joshua was thrilled when she put some in her hair. He was so impressed when Gabriella did that on her first birthday and he has been so excited to see Olivia do the same. He is just living vicariously through his sisters.
Happy birthday to the most adorable one year old I know! Please don't grow anymore.