Sunday, September 20, 2009

It is time to let her go...

We knew this day would come, but we had hoped it would not come for a few more years. I guess the terrible winters and salty roads were just too much for her. When Kris took our 1989 Toyota Camry in to the mechanic to get inspected we were told there was just too much needed to be done to save her. So, it is with heavy hearts we put the old champ to rest. It was actually getting to have quite a few funny quirks about it. The a/c stopped working. The heater turns on, but never really warmed up the car until he got to work 20 minutes later. The interior light doesn't turn on for about 5 minutes after you switch it on. If a rock bounced up and hit the bottom of the car, it would hurt your foot. A year ago the passenger side front door stopped opening. So, if you wanted to give anyone a ride they had to sit in the back or climb in through the window. The kids thought it was great, but one of Kris attendings who attempted it did not find it so humorous. (He got a little high centered) Then about a month ago 3 of the 4 doors stopped opening too. Including the driver's door. Poor Kris had to climb in and out the window every time he got in the car. He was lucky it has not been too rainy here so he was able to leave the window down, otherwise he had to try to squeeze in the back and up to the front. It was usually not much more than a hassle, but some times was very embarrassing. Like the day he parked next to the guy with a Porsche. Of course the guy came to his car the same time as Kris. Kris tried to kill some time waiting to climb in the window until the guy was gone, but he was taking too long. When Kris stared climbing in the guy made some funny comments and said, "That is is cool, it is like Duke's of Hazard". Yeah, it was funny the first time someone said that comment not so funny after the 112th time.

We do need to give another huge THANK YOU to the Koch family for providing us with this car before they left for their residency. We do not know how we could have been able to afford to pay for a car all these years. It was a champ, hardly needing any work until recently--it was a huge blessing to our family. You guys are the best!

Kris and the Champ! Oh I also forgot to mention that the gas tank was impossible to open. In the 4 years we had the car I was never once able to open it to get gas for Kris. You had to pry it open with something. I tried but after chipping away lots of pieces of rusted car I usually gave up.

Kris was not always very graceful at climbing in the window. He had to go through some trial and error to figure out the best entry system.

Here he goes, he got very smooth at the whole process. One day he had to stop at the kids school to do something and when he got out of the car he noticed a teacher watching him and laughing. He joked with her and continued inside. When he came back out she had a few other teachers with her and she started laughing and told them all to watch him get in his car. There is nothing like 4 teachers pointing and laughing at you.

In he goes!

Watch out Bo and Luke Duke, here comes Dr. West!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There are certain things pregnant women should not have to do--ever!

These things include scrubbing bathtubs and carrying huge baskets of laundry down stairs, but the top of list happened yesterday. I not only had to let Joshua go to Kindergarten which is a very sad event in itself, I realized my first baby was starting her last year of Elementary school. I knew I was going to have a tough morning letting Joshua go, that was expected. I was just surprised at how emotional I was going to be over Mariah becoming a 5th grader. Where did the years go? I can't believe how each passing school year still gets to me. I would never want the responsibility of home schooling my children, but I do love having them all home. It is chaotic, noisy and messy to have them all home--but I love it! Time really is a tricky thing. I always pictured myself surrounded by little kids, I just never saw myself having a 10 year old or teenagers for that matter. I love that Kenny Chesney song "Don't Blink". I need to remind myself everyday to cherish the day to day moments because they go all too fast. I hope the kids have a great year and enjoy every moment. I also hope I can stop stressing about the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, and meals to prepare long enough to enjoy it with them!
Super Joshua off to tackle Kindergarten--hopefully not his teacher.
That is NOT my baby girl, heaven help me! I think I had that same bracelet in Jr. High--love that neons are back in style!
She is so sweet, I am jealous of the teacher that gets her in her class all day!
The faces only a mother could love:)

Where did all the kids go??? That is the question I have received from Gabriella about 29 times yesterday! She was so sad to have all the kids go to school. She even put on a back pack of her own as the kids were gathering up all their stuff. She wanted to go with them. When Josh ran into his classroom she started screaming "My bro-der!" (that's my brother for those that don't speak 2 year old) She screamed this all the way down the hall until Sam walked into her classroom and she yelled "my Dammie" until Mariah walked in to her classroom. She was very mad at this point and I had to get out of the school before she really lost it. She has been very lonely and jumps up from whatever she is doing if she thinks she hears the bus coming. I am glad she loves them so much!

Monday, September 7, 2009

It is official!

Summer is over. I am so sad. It was not long enough and not hot enough. I didn't get to do all the things with the kids I had wanted to do. The days went too quickly. We did squeeze every last drop out of it that we could and we have lots of great memories. I didn't take any pictures when we were in Utah, but we had a great time there and miss our family too much!

With the end of summer comes the New York state fair. This year Kris was just too busy to go so we went with Veronica and her kids and Darise and her kids. We were very out numbered, 11 kids in all! The kids had fun seeing the animals and watching a wild animal show. Joshua still talks about the snake that tried to get him. Samantha got sick so we left the rest of the group a little early, but not before consuming some greasy, sugary fair food on our way out!

It was a good way to end the summer. Although, I hate to let it end.

How many kids can milk one cow??? Well, at least 6...
This has to be the cleanest cow I have ever seen, the little girls did not want to stop touching it!

More Farmers Museum

Fun animals, there were lots of baby animals and they were all very friendly!

These pictures are of Gabriella and Jane as they are trying to find their way out of the garden maze. They were so funny trying to make all the turns and trying to figure it out. They tried to cheat and come towards me through the bushes!

Sorry this post should be after the next one.

Farmers Museum in Cooperstown

Veronica and I made the long drive to Cooperstown, NY to visit the Farmer's Museum. It was worth the long drive, this place is really great. They had such a variety of things to see, the kids could have stayed for hours longer.
Gabriella thought the cellar door made a great slide
Not sure why Bree is so serious, but Jane is looking very sweet and innocent
All the kids in old time dress-ups!
Some fun old games for the kids to try.
This carousel was beautiful! It had so many detailed carvings and paintings of the history of New York. It was amazing to look at. The boys enjoyed the vomit comet to whatever gross thing they called it!

Love the fresh food of summer

Watermelon and fresh picked raspberries, it doesn't get much better than that!

Gabriella overload!

Sorry, she was just really cute today!

Okay, so the boys are pretty cute too. It is amazing to me how little space ever gets between these two!

Soccer is better outside

Joshua tried soccer indoor this winter and it was painful! He was upset every week because he did not have a blue uniform. I know, scary how important that was to him...

But he really wanted to try outdoor soccer. Luckily, he loved it and actually started trying to get the ball! That was a big improvement over the winter session. He had a great time with his friends, I am glad they all got to be on the blue team!

Can't beat a great day at the park!

I had to post all these pictures of the kids on the tire swing because it their favorite thing to do at the park. They will wait patiently in line for a long time to get their turn, but once they get on it is hard for them to give it up!

You have to look close at our little friend Michael in these pictures. I was actually trying to get a cute picture of Gabriella on the tire swing and I did not realize until later that he was absolutely straining himself to give me a great smile in the picture. These are only a few of the many that I took. He about twisted his neck off, he must have been so dizzy trying to focus on the camera. He is such a cutie! I love his happy face.

Our little monkey's! Samantha and Isabel are happiest when they are climbing something. The park rangers were not too impressed with their skills.
Mariah got a work out pushing all the kids! She is a wonderful big sister!
Onondaga Lake Park--gotta love it!

Day at the Zoo

We went to the Zoo in August. It was a beautiful day, a little hot, but not too bad. A few friends joined us, which is always more fun. We made up a list of questions the kids had to answer as they walked around, some were bored with it quickly, others did not want to leave until every last question was answered. We had really hoped the trip would make Veronica have her baby, but no luck there!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Girls, girls, girls!

We just can't seem to get enough of them around here! We are happy to announce that we will be having a baby girl. The sonogram tech was 90% sure she was right, so I am gonna hold her to it! Joshua was a little disappointed, he said he already has lots of sisters and really needed a brother. I am sure he will dote on the new little sister the same way he does Gabriella. We feel very blessed that she is healthy so far! Due date it still January 27h, 2010.