Monday, September 7, 2009

Farmers Museum in Cooperstown

Veronica and I made the long drive to Cooperstown, NY to visit the Farmer's Museum. It was worth the long drive, this place is really great. They had such a variety of things to see, the kids could have stayed for hours longer.
Gabriella thought the cellar door made a great slide
Not sure why Bree is so serious, but Jane is looking very sweet and innocent
All the kids in old time dress-ups!
Some fun old games for the kids to try.
This carousel was beautiful! It had so many detailed carvings and paintings of the history of New York. It was amazing to look at. The boys enjoyed the vomit comet to whatever gross thing they called it!

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joolee said...

Love Cooperstown! Of course, my family only went to the Baseball Hall of Fame there...I remember being BORED to death there. :) Maybe the Farmer's Museum would have been more interesting.