Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arizona--Baby it is hot!

 We are really enjoying the open kitchen/family room area.  Our little house in NY was pretty cramped and we are having fun being in the same room together without being on top of one another!  The view into the backyard and pool area is so refreshing.  The sun is always shinning and we just love it!
 The pool has been used almost daily since we arrived.  The kids love to invite friends over.  So far, no serious injuries have occurred to any of the little kids.  However, my 28 year old nephew tired to give himself a concussion and cut his calf up pretty good.  Going down the slide sideways is not recommended...at any age. 

Jacob loves to just float around enjoying the water.  He is such a pleasant little guy!

There is a spot in the pool for you, so please come play!

*PS--we do realize the pool looks  a little "cloudy", but please rest assured that Kris knows how to make the pool sparkly clean.  It had just been replastered and the grit floated around for several days.  You can see the drain clearly now!  Kris spends a lot of time babying the pool, we appreciate all his hard work:)

Back to School.....Again!

 We didn't get much of a break this summer.  Only 47 days to be exact.  Those 47 days included packing, moving to Arizona and unpacking.  Not much of a fun summer. Luckily, we have many hot days ahead of us and a fun pool in the backyard to enjoy them!

Joshua started 3rd grade this year.  He has a great teacher and even though he thinks that school "takes way too much of his day" he was excited to go back to school to meet new friends.

Mariah started 8th grade.  She has already made so many fun friends.  On the first day of school she got together at a friend's house for breakfast and then they all walked over to school together.  Lots of people have made her feel very welcome!

 Samantha is in 6th grade.  You should see the front row of her classroom.  It is filled with adorable girls who have quickly become her friends.  Lucky teacher:)

 Oh my little kindergartner!  I thought I was going to escape the tears this year, but I did not.  The kids were fine, in fact they were more fine.  It was just me that had the hard time letting them go.  Another school year only makes it that much closer to graduation, then leaving, then me being very sad that I have an empty house...ok, I am being a bit dramatic.  But it always a bitter-sweet moment for me.  I love to see them grow, but sad that they can't be my baby forever.

Gabriella loves school and wishes she could go everyday.  I am so glad that she is happy. 
 Jacob is 6 months old!  It was a strange day for Olivia, Jacob and I on the first day of school.  It was so quiet.  Livi and Jakie kept looking around for the kids.  I kept looking around for my baby-sitters:)  We have adjusted to the change and try to enjoy the quiet time before the big kids get home.