Monday, April 9, 2012

March 2012

Oh Boy!!! Look who is 2 months old!!!! Isn't he delicious? We are just loving every moment with our little Jakie. Seriously, the dimples just kill me...
Samantha and Mariah had a dance recital in March. It was so much fun to watch. Sam did hip-hop and Bree did Ballet. Both did a great job on their individual dances as well as the combined number at the end. I was one proud Mama! Joshua asked if he could stand at the back of the auditorium so he could do his dance moves. The kid thinks he moves like Usher--although he has never actually seen Usher dance. Fun night!

A couple of years ago I was at the house of Estelle Richie. She was giving a bunch of us a tour of her beautifully decorated home as part of a Relief Society activity. I happened to notice this adorable dress hanging in her daughters room. I told her how much I LOVED the dress and just thought it was so cute. Well, imagine my delight when about 18 months later she told me her daughter had outgrown the dress and asked me if I wanted it. Uh, YES! Of course I was excited about putting Olivia in the dress, but even more than that I was surprised that she remembered how much I loved the dress. There were a lot of women there that night and it was a little chaotic, yet she remembered. Perhaps I gushed a little too much, but I think some people are just very perceptive and thoughtful. I really appreciated to gesture Estelle made and it has reminded me to be more aware of those around me and really listen to the things they say. Thanks Estelle for the cute dress, it is adorable--and if I might add--so is little Livi Grace in it!