Friday, October 7, 2011

Mariah and Cross Country

Mariah decided to try doing cross country this fall. She has worked so hard and has overcome several injuries including: knee pain, ankle pain, a black toe we are pretty sure is going to fall off, and back pain. Nothing has stopped her. She just pushes through and keeps getting stronger and faster. She has practice everyday after school and comes home just in time for dinner. She gets right to her homework and getting her things gathered for the next day. It has been so fun to watch her be so responsible and take something so seriously. During their first meet of the season Kris and I looked at each other and did they trick these young kids into thinking this is fun? It is fun. It is fun to watch and a fun experience for all the runners.

This picture was taken at her last meet in Rome, NY. They had to run through a creek and several really muddy, soggy puddles. Luckily, the waist deep pond was filled in this year so they didn't have to run through that one. At least it was about 58 degrees this day:) Keep at it Mariah!