Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer is slipping away!

I know I am going to be amazed when the fall hits us again so I had to get a few pictures on here of things we have been doing this summer! There is not a lot of organization here, but they are posted:)

We went to Washington DC to meet up with our friends the Haymore's. They moved to Washington state last summer and I don't have words to describe how much my kids have missed them. This is Joshua and Michael greeting each other. It started out as a hug and quickly turned to wrestling. No surprise there!
All the kiddos (except Lilah) at Iwo Jima and the New Carrillton Bell. (I don't know how to spell that) Basically this is one of the only places in DC where you can have a great view of the whole national mall.

These two pretty much never had space between them for the 3 days we were together. It was great.

Gabriella's Joy school graduation! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Joy School. It is an amazing program and if you have ever considered doing it with your preschooler, I highly recommend it. It is so fun to have the kids in your home and to watch them grow over the year. Gabriella really got into the program and sang all the songs like I have never seen her do it before. She is usually the kid rolling around on the floor while the others are practicing. But, apparently she can do that and listen at the same time because she knew every word. Too cute!

We have had to say good-bye to so many good friends this summer as they have been moving. It is always so hard to have friends move. We ourselves have moved so many times in our married life and although it is hard to move, we have made many good friends who we still keep in contact with. The Theler's gave us some fireworks when they left and the kids had a lot of fun playing with them.

White trash party 20011. Kris just enjoys this way to much. I have to admit it was fun wearing a banana clip again:)

Yes, that is a tramp stamp on my baby. Don't worry, it was not permanent.

Joshua and his friend Rowan roasting marshmellows and trying to put stuff in the fire. What is it with boys and fire?