Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Belated birthdays!

Joshua and Gabriella did have birthdays this year. I lost the cord that gets pictures off our camera so I am way behind in updates! I love how much my kids LOVE their birthdays!

Utah County Half Marathon

I survived! I surprised myself for sure. Several months ago my Dad told he was doing another marathon. He also told me my little sister was doing a half marathon. He offered to fly me to Utah for the race if I wanted to do the half marathon as well. I thought about it for about .3 seconds and said "HECK YES!" I have been taking a running class for a few months and was fairly confident I could pull off 13.1 miles. Although until the race I had never run this far. I like to have a goal:) I am slow, but that is ok with me!

The race went well for all of us. My Dad beat his previous racing time by at least 45:00! My sister Katie and her husband Doug did amazing as well. Katie could easily do the full marathon--those skinny legs are fast! I finished in 2:25 (I told you I was slow) but it was a few minutes before my goal time so I am happy.

If I were to ever do a half again this is the race to do. Nice downhills, a couple uphills to break it up and awesome scenery.

It was so fun to see family! We have not been to Utah is almost a year and I miss all the amazing people I am related to--by genetics and marriage! I almost enjoyed flying by myself, but I get motion sick so it was still not too much fun!

Thanks for bringing me to Utah Dad! You better watch out what you offer from now on--apparently I will do anything for a free trip!