Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Utah County Half Marathon

I survived! I surprised myself for sure. Several months ago my Dad told he was doing another marathon. He also told me my little sister was doing a half marathon. He offered to fly me to Utah for the race if I wanted to do the half marathon as well. I thought about it for about .3 seconds and said "HECK YES!" I have been taking a running class for a few months and was fairly confident I could pull off 13.1 miles. Although until the race I had never run this far. I like to have a goal:) I am slow, but that is ok with me!

The race went well for all of us. My Dad beat his previous racing time by at least 45:00! My sister Katie and her husband Doug did amazing as well. Katie could easily do the full marathon--those skinny legs are fast! I finished in 2:25 (I told you I was slow) but it was a few minutes before my goal time so I am happy.

If I were to ever do a half again this is the race to do. Nice downhills, a couple uphills to break it up and awesome scenery.

It was so fun to see family! We have not been to Utah is almost a year and I miss all the amazing people I am related to--by genetics and marriage! I almost enjoyed flying by myself, but I get motion sick so it was still not too much fun!

Thanks for bringing me to Utah Dad! You better watch out what you offer from now on--apparently I will do anything for a free trip!


joolee said...

how fun! great job! i've been wanting to do a couple half-marathons this summer, but one thing after another has knocked them off my to-do list. (i.e. Trek...). i REALLY want to do one this summer, though! we'll see.

West Family said...

You are amazing! I'm so glad you made the trip to do it, what an accomplishment! I think we should make a tradition of it. Same time same place next year? I know i'll be there!

West Family said...

That's funny you must have been logged in to blogger through my computer from when you were here! That's great, it looks like you made all those amazingly nice comments about yourself! Ha Ha Ha