Friday, September 10, 2010


Does this look familiar to anyone who has been following our blog for the past couple of years??? At least he found a comfy bottle of apple juice to use for a pillow this time. Check out how much Bree has grown. This poor guy seriously needs more sleep, or maybe just a bed...

He hates to miss out on any of the action when he is home so he doesn't want to hide in the bedroom for his power nap. He is a strange little man.


This is what happens when Grandmas don't see their granddaughters for months (or a year) at a time. She finds cute, frilly, poofy, pink things and gives them to the kids. They of course love it and don't want to take it off and the Mom gets to figure out a way to clean it!

I remember when my grandma gave my sister and I some beautiful, puffy nightgowns. They were made of really slippery fabric and just had yards and yards of the stuff. They were our favorite things ever. It is hilarious to think back to the challenge it was to use the potty wearing these things! I am sure it drove my mom crazy, but she let us wear them.

I actually love the skirts and I am happy my Mom misses her granddaughters so we can enjoy the pink fluffiness! Of course it would be even better if we just lived closer to Grandma:)

First Day!

Another year, *sigh*....

After a very fun summer I am sad to say the kids are off to school again. This was a tough one for me. Summer is never long enough. It is pure chaos all summer long, but I love having them all home!

As soon as I sent this beautiful girl off to her first day of....Middle School (yikes!) I called Kris and told him he better start working out again so he can fight off or at least intimidate any boy who tries to get within 10 feet of her. Be still my heart...

I can't possibly be this old.

Then there are these two silly kids. They were very excited to get to school. Samantha lucked out and has a bunch of her best friends in her class this year. Hopefully the drama will be kept to a minimum as all the girls get used to sharing each other. Luckily for Joshua he got a teacher that Samantha had a couple of years ago. She managed to leave a perfect impression with this teacher so I hope he doesn't wreck it by the end of the first week:) He just has so much energy!

4th grade cutie-patootie!

1st grade super boy!
Seriously, I hope his teacher survives the first week...