Monday, March 14, 2011

A man and his dream...

Kris is a lover of boats. Every February for as long as we have been married we have gone to the annual boat show. Kris insists it is the ONLY good thing about February--I tend to agree. We often discuss/joke about which we will purchase first when he gets finished with all this medical training junk--a house or a boat. You might reason that we can't live in a boat so we should get a house first. Kris says he can live on a boat just fine.

In fact, boats and the boat show have played a big part of our life together. When we were dating we spent many days on Kris' Dad's boat. I am not a very good water skier but Kris must have seen some potential because I am pretty sure he would not have proposed if I couldn't hold my own on a ski.

After we were married, when February rolled around, we went to the boat show. We saw a beautiful boat and went to check it out. It was a MARIAH boat. He turned to me and said, "If we ever have a girl, can we name her Mariah?" Obviously I agreed and the following February we took our 4 week old baby girl to the boat show and took her picture by a Mariah boat. If I knew how to scan pictures into the computer I would post that too, but I don't know how so I won't. Just imagine a tiny Mariah in front of a big boat. Here she is as a big girl...

Our taste in boats has changed drastically over the past 12 years since and now Kris is all about the wake boarding boats. Unfortunately upstate NY does not value wake boarding boats so we were only able to find a few among all the fishing, party pads and luxury boats at the boat show.

We had a great time and we were able to forget that it was 3 degrees outside--at least for a few minutes until we had to walk to the car again.

And the debate still or or boat.....

It is never too early to start! Gabriella called this a skateboard with boots. She cried when we took it off of her.

And now February is over...why does it still feel like winter!?!

Fighting the Winter Blues

Joshua and Gabriella are very tired of the snow and winter cold. They want to go outside and play. After one bad snow storm, that left us stuck inside, they decided they had enough and they were going to do something about it. They found some summer clothes and got changed. Then they made pretend ice-cream cones out of play-dough, had a picnic in the living room (pretend park) and finally got themselves geared up for a Safari in Africa. It was hilarious. They made me cold to just look at them in their summer clothes, but they continued. I am grateful for cute kid imaginations and for siblings who love each other. It was s fun day for them--even if we were buried under 12 inches of new snow!