Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jacob 3 months cute

Love. Him.


Happy Birthday to Joshua!!!!
This boy loves his birthday.  I am sure it is easy to tell by the smiles and excitement of these pictures.  I can't believe he is 8.  He will be baptized in a couple of weeks, he is becoming such a sweet little man.  At least when he is not making gross bodily function noises and annoying his sisters.....

 Because Joshua is 8 he is now in cub scouts at church.  His birthday came just in time for him to participate in the pinewood derby.  I do not have any brothers and have never been to a pinewood derby race before.  I had no idea some many grown men could be so excited about a car race.  Kris helped Josh prepare his car.  Kris' dad is an excellent pinewood derby car creator.  His cars were known to win many races over the years.  So Kris new all sorts of fun ways to build the optimal racing machine...I mean wooden car.  Joshua was so excited about scouts.  He loved his new uniform.  The first night that Kris suggested they work on his car, Joshua dropped everything and ran to his room.  We were not sure what he was doing.  He came back out dressed in his full scout gear.  Apparently he thought he needed to be properly outfitted to even work on his car.  It was adorable.

All that work attention to detail of creating the car paid off.  Joshua and his "Batmobile" were undefeated the whole night.  His prize was a ribbon and a BIG chocolate bar.  He was nearly bouncing off his chair trying to contain his excitement.  My favorite part of the whole night was that Joshua was such a good sport.  He complimented the other boys on their cool cars, told them "good job" when they finished their race, and tried to control himself each time he won so he wouldn't show off too much.  He is the best.  I am so happy his first scout experience was such a fun one!