Saturday, November 22, 2008

Late night at the movies

First of all, loved the movie. I don't care what anyone else says! I went to the movie with low expectations because I did not want to be disappointed. All I can say is I can't wait for the next one!!! I went with a bunch of friends to the 12:01 am showing of the movie. Kris was on over night call and so my kids slept at Veronica's house and then I was planning to just come home from the movie and sleepover as well. Of course, the baby had a different plan. When Veronica and I got home I went to get in bed, but Gabriella was in my spot and she was wide awake. After an hour and a half of trying to get her to stop honking my nose and pulling Mariah's hair I decided I had better take the kids home so they could get some sleep. This would not have been a big deal, but by now it was 4am and it had been snowing all night. I went out and scraped the car and started hauling kids outside. I drove about 20mph all the way home because the roads were really icy. By 4:45 am all the kids were in their beds sleeping soundly. When my alarm went off at 7:00 I was very seriously considering letting the kids skip school. However, I was not sure how to explain the the office that the reason they missed school was because Mom was out partying until 4 am and was too tired to get them ready for school. I think people get arrested for that.

So, would I do it all again just so I could be among the first to see Twilight???


What can you get for $.30???

When we were in Palmyra Johnny and Kris went to a dollar store to get some cups (long story) and they came back wearing these awesome clearance wigs. I wish I had a picture of the guys wearing them, but I don't. Somehow both the wigs ended up in our car but if Johnny wants his back he can have it anytime. The kids have had such a laugh watching each other wear them around. One night I came home and found Sam and Daddy reading in bed wearing these wigs. I don't think we have ever had such fun with $.30 before!

My project

Since Kris had a few days off of work I took the time to start a few projects that have been bugging me for over a year since we moved here. We didn't realize when we moved in our house that our bedroom was pink. It has been driving me crazy so I decided to paint. Kris hates painting and I do not enjoy it myself. But, it had to be done! This is a bad before picture.

I love red paint on the walls, but it takes so much paint to cover! So this is the red wall and the rest are Taupe. I love it! But, I am not looking forward to doing the bathroom. I knew I would feel that way so before I started painting the bedroom I started tearing down the wallpaper in the bathroom. That way I would have to finish it, right? It has been a week and it is still not done. I need someone to come visit so that I feel pressure to get it done. Any takers?

Gabriella was sitting on the bed with me and she really wanted my purse. She managed to climb from the bed to the top of the dresser and get my bag. Little monkey! She is the first child of mine that has climbed out of her crib--stinker!!! Nothing is safe in my house. It is a good thing she is so cute...

Stay Home Vacation

Kris had vacation from work last week. We didn't go anywhere but really tried to make the most of the week anyway! Friday we wanted to go to the temple in Palmyra. It is fun to stay in a hotel instead of making the long round trip in one night. Our friends came with us and watched our kids while we went to a session AND as if that wasn't enough they had take out from PF Chang waiting when we got home. So Yummy!

The kids had a great time swimming in the hot tub and hanging out with their friends. We stayed at the hotel that night, but our friends went to their parents house nearby. It is a good thing they didn't end up staying because Gabriella caught a stomach bug and so mom and Bree spent the night dealing with that. Poor girl, it was so sad to see her not feel well. She finally just crashed and fell asleep. Dad helped her out by keeping a sick bucket nearby.

Luckily she felt better by the next morning. Saturday morning we had other friends from Buffalo come to Palmyra so we watched their kids so they could go to the temple. After they did their session we went to a local pizza place and LDS bookstore. The kids managed to refrain from breaking anything at either location so we considered it a success. Since we were so close to Rochester we drove to the Children's museum there. The poor kids were so tired from everything the night before they were pretty pathetic at the museum. We only lasted a couple of hours. It was worth it though because I got to spend time talking to Angela in the "chic car" while Johnny and Kris hung out in the "dudes car". It was a fun trip to Palmyra! We appreciate having such awesome friends that are willing to roll with us throughout the weekend:) And as an added plus, I think everyone we were with escaped the stomach bug that Bree had--Yeah!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Way back in the spring I heard Carrie Underwood was coming here in concert. I jokingly told Kris I wanted to go for my birthday. I quickly told him I was kidding because I know they would be pricey. Well, he did not listen to me and I was so glad he didn't. He schemed with a few of my best friends husbands and ended up having a fabulous girls night out for my birthday! We sang (screamed) and danced like teenagers all night. Summer, Julia, and Veronica--thanks for helping me celebrate and making me feel 10 years younger! And, of course, thanks to my sweet husband for always spoiling me. (Carrie even gave me one of her fabulous microphones to help me remember the occasion)
Here she is--she is amazing and I can't wait to see her in concert again!
Me and Veronica

Will the leaves ever end???

Just in case you didn't believe me about how many leaves we have, I thought I would post some evidence. This is after I had already cleared the entire yard a few days before!
How many kids are in this picture? Can you find them all?
So many leaves! Luckily our backyard is on the edge of a forest and so we just blow them all into the trees. Is that legal? Nevermind, I don't want to know.
I love the fall and this year the leaves were such amazing colors. I am tired of blowing leaves though. It needs to be done for a third time, but we will see if we get around to it before it snows.

Together they will save the world!

This is Joshua and his buddy Michael. Since we moved here last year these two boys have been inseparable. Because they did not go to school last year they have had a lot of time to be together. His mom and I always joke that they literally love each other to DEATH. They get along like brothers, they play like brothers and they fight like brothers. Joshua often wishes that he and Michael could be brothers. Between the two of them they have 5 sisters so they have to stick together!
I was trying to get a cute picture of them in their superhero costumes, but I could not stop laughing at them! I kept saying can you try to look more tough or show me your muscles or something?!? See what I mean about loving each other to death? Anyway, these little boys melt my heart and I am so glad they have each other to battle the bad guys. They are a force to be reckoned with. Some day maybe the two of them will go on a mission together and really save the world!