Saturday, November 22, 2008

What can you get for $.30???

When we were in Palmyra Johnny and Kris went to a dollar store to get some cups (long story) and they came back wearing these awesome clearance wigs. I wish I had a picture of the guys wearing them, but I don't. Somehow both the wigs ended up in our car but if Johnny wants his back he can have it anytime. The kids have had such a laugh watching each other wear them around. One night I came home and found Sam and Daddy reading in bed wearing these wigs. I don't think we have ever had such fun with $.30 before!


Momma Ballou said...

BA A AR GAIN! I sure do have a hot brother!

Donahue Family said...

Holy Crap...I didnt know the dollar store had a clearance section!?! ROCK ON!

Lewis Family said...

Love it!! See.... being a resident has it's perks... we find entertainment in the smallest of things. That picture put a smile on my face. What a groovy dad!