Wednesday, July 1, 2009

28 hours in NYC

Kris and I spent a total of 28 hours in NYC this weekend. It was quick, but so much fun. When we lived in Virginia we had some super good friends that we LOVED!!! The Jacksons are awesome and we have missed them so much. Anyway, they live in the Philippines now but they were in NYC for a work conference and asked if we wanted to hang out with them for a day or two. I thought about it for about .2 seconds and said,"Heck Yes, we will be there!" So thanks to Veronica (who is also way too awesome) we left all the kids and headed to the Big Apple. It took us a long time to get there (traffic and sleepy co-pilot), but we managed to make the most of it. Bret and Rebekah did not get in until 11:00pm, but we still stayed up until 2:00am talking. We all stayed in one room with one, yes one, bed. It was pretty funny, and I still feel bad that Bret ended up on the floor, but we will just have to make it up to them someday. During our quick trip we squeezed the musical Wicked--loved it, sight seeing, lots of walking, good food, people watching, and a bit of street shopping. Kris rode the subway for the first time and saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time. We left NYC at 11:50 pm and arrived home at 4:30 am. I dropped Kris off to work on the way home. The poor guy only slept for about 12 hours in a 4 day period. We are willing to sacrifice quite a lot for a weekend of fun! We did not carry our camera around with us, so hopefully the Jacksons will pass along the pictures they took--hint, hint. The picture at the top is when we were waiting for the Staten Island ferry.

We loved seeing you Bret and Rebekah, wanna do it again next weekend???