Saturday, August 1, 2009

A day at Green Lakes

It has been so chilly the past few weeks that we have not had many chances to go to any of the beautiful lakes there are in this area. We finally made it to the lake this week. We had never been to Green Lakes before so we gave it a try. It was gorgeous although you might not see that from these next pictures. I know I have 4 kids and I tried to get pictures of all of them, but they were too far in the water playing for me to get any good ones of them.
Gabriella and Jane found this little puddle right before the waters edge. It was very warm since it had been sitting stagnant in the sun for who knows how long, so they preferred to play here. What started out a sweet mud playing, quickly became really gross.
I am pretty sure Bree is drinking the nasty stagnant water...
Yep, she sure did get a mouthful of something. I don't think Jane actually ate the sand or water but she is grossed out for Gabriella. They were really muddy and dirty after their puddle fun.


We love summer so that we have lots and lots of time to play with our friends! I don't know what Michael and Joshua are going to do in September when they have to go to different schools. I am sure they do not realize that they will not be together. It is sad. They love each other like brothers!

It is amazing what gel, humidity and a little genetic intervention can do! I had been wondering if I could get Samantha's hair to produce a bit more curl and ta-da! It does! We don't do this to her hair everyday, but it is nice to know my curly hair landed with at least one of my kids--she will probably hate it when she gets older:)
Joshua has been begging Kris if they could sleep out on the trampoline. But, since the bugs and mosquitoes are plentiful in our backyard they decided to put the tent on the trampoline to avoid nasty bites. It was a great idea until Kris realized that since he was the heaviest all the kids gravitate towards him in the night. He spent the night pushing them out of his way so he wouldn't get too claustrophobic. They took the lap top out and watched movies and had a great time. The kids could have done this all summer, but we limited it to 2 nights. Kris couldn't handle any more little kid knees in his back!

Where did July go???

First I guess I will start with our last day of school water parties! School lasts a long time around here and so it was nearly July before school was out. We love the summer and we are so excited to be able to enjoy the sunshine (when we get it)!Joshua is so used to it being winter he got confused and pulled out the snow sledding disks to try to slide on the slip and slide.
Joshua and Michael mostly like to see how much water they can get out of the pool instead of swimming in it.
Nothing says summer like kids in swim suits and watermelon!

Swim party at Mindy's house! This was great and I can't believe I didn't take more pictures, but thanks for letting us play at your house Mindy!