Sunday, March 7, 2010


Kris and the kids had a week of vacation a couple of weeks ago. We just stayed here and tried to have a bit of fun. I did my best to keep Kris' "to do" list small. One afternoon the kids and I were all sitting in the house and I started to wonder "where is Daddy?". We finally looked out the window and found him building his own snow fort. He claims he was doing it by himself so he could get a good start on it before the kids tried to help, but I think he just wanted to play by himself:)

The kids did finally go out to help and as it turns out Kris was smart to get a good start on his own. It was hard work and the kids got cold before it was done. Gabriella went out for a long time and came in for a warm bath. She wanted to go out again but didn't want to get all bundled up. She won but it looked like child abuse to let her go out in her pajamas, rain boots and Kris' gloves.

Joshua pretty much just chilled the whole time, not a fan of hard work in the snow.

Luckily some neighbors came over and helped finish up Kris' snow fort. I think he is working way too hard at the hospital and maybe even beginning to lose his mind a bit. I hope he had a relaxing stay-cation and was able to reclaim some of his sanity. We loved having him home and can't wait until his next vacation. Maybe we will even be able to go somewhere warm. Kris could release his stress building a sandcastle, now that would be so much better!


sharon said...

It's the coolest Snow Hut I've ever seen!

Love. Mom

Eyeguy said...

Jamie,Kris and family. I had a few extra minutes today,so spent them catching up with your ever growing family. Cute, Cute kids, not to mention a good looking mom, and well Kris does his best. We miss you, would love to visit, but don't hold your breath. I love the igloo, good work Kris, I wish I could have helped.

Love to you all. Clair,