Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wrestle Mania

Kris insisted on signing Joshua up for wrestling this season. Joshua was very excited about it at first, but after the first practice he realized it was really hard work. He likes the wrestling part, but doesn't like to learn the moves. Kris had to bribe him pretty well to get him to go to practice. He participated in a couple of tournaments and did okay. He didnt win much, but he also didn't cry much which is what most of the 5 year olds did if they weren't winning. In fact we watched two other boys wrestle each other and they were BOTH crying almost the entire time. All the Moms felt sorry for them and all the Dads were laughing. Joshua did win one match and he was super excited that he got a medal for 5th place. He has a season record of 1-6. At least next season there is plenty of room for improvement. Kris was so proud of his mini-me. I am glad that Joshua didn't feel too bad about his matches. He still thinks he is batman made of steel. I think WWF has a new character in the works...

Kris' mom could never watch Kris wrestle because it made her too anxious and scared for him. I never understood why she didn't want to watch him, but after watching my sweet boy wrestling I completely understand.


burton family said...

oh my gosh, I love it! I never would have thought they started wrestling this early. It's boy!

sharon said...

It makes me cry, the sweet little thing.

Love, Mom