Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I feel so lucky to have such cute kids who love to get dressed in green on St. Patrick's Day. You would have thought it was Christmas around here as excited as they were. As a tradition in our family I draw a little shamrock on the kids cheek with green marker, even Bree wanted one on her cheek. When I was little my mom would put a little foil shamrock sticker on our cheek to wear to school. She always put a few extra in my pocket to give to my friends. I wish I could find those stickers, it is one of my favorite memories! I have had enough food tinted green with food coloring to last me at least until next year, yuck--not a fan of food coloring.
LOOK! Can you see the grass behind my kids??? Unless you live in upstate NY you will find it hard to believe there is still grass under all the snow we had this year. 145 inches to be almost exact! We beat out Buffalo and Rochester by at least 40 inches. That is not a competition I like to win! Joshua keeps reminding me that tomorrow is the first day of Spring and we should be getting out the summer clothes. I hope he is not devastated to find out the high tomorrow is going to be about 41.


West said...

I am going to steel that tradition from you! how neat for them to go to school with a shamrock on their face..I would have loved that as a kid!! loving the spring weather here and we probably only got 3 total inches all winter (not braging) but still just as excited for the warm weather! Except now we have the torando season to make it thru until June! you do have the cutest kids!!

Estelle said...

I LOVE that idea, how CUTE! Our kids got all excited about St Patricks Day this year, too - we bought lots of decorations, made green cookies, and the boys got new St Patricks Day shirts, etc. I think we'll add the shamrock on the cheek idea to our repertoire next year, if you don't mind us copying you!

West said...

thanks for the great potty advice!I haven't heard that before but I will for sure do it. I know I am trying a little early, I just really hoped to get it done before new baby..but she won't be 2 1/2 until July and baby will be here in maybe I have my hopes a little too high ( : you always have such cute creative ways to do things! you should write a book on all your creative ideas!! any ideas on how to get her to not fight teeth brushing?? this is a huge battle with her..I am so scared she will have rotten teeth!!

Donahue Family said...

Very cool Jamie!
Yer such a good mom.
Love your pictures.
I DID see the grass. Its amazing. Our neighbors have grass, but I dont think we do. lol
Love ya

Michelle said...

Do you remember Sammi's birthday is on St. Patrick's Day?? She turned 21 this year and she still wanted green milk in the morning for her cereal!! We had chicken parmesan for dinner (she wouldn't let me color the chicken) but I did manage to get the noodles a lovely shade of kelly green!! Kenzi made a cake, slipped it in the oven without turning it green but I got her on the frosting. It's a great tradition and one we'll keep forever!!

Kao said...

I might have to do that next year. I'm sure Kaiya would LOVE it!

Melissa said...

Cute idea! And what sweet little faces.

So this is forever getting back to you...but yes I do have a great camera. I have the Canon Rebel and love it. You should totally learn how to use the one your friend gave you-it's so much fun. As for lighting--Seattle doesn't get much either. So I just either take advantage of the light when I can or create my own. It's been a lot of fun learning photography and poor B is always stuck being my subject :)

Miss you guys!