Sunday, September 28, 2008

Messy little girl

You would think I would have learned after having 4 children that when they are being strangely quiet I should not assume they are playing nicely. I can almost guarantee that when I go search for them I am going to find a mess. Well, this time was not any different. Gabriella had found the white out and had managed to cover the front and back of her legs. She worked very hard. What you might not know about white out is that is DOES NOT wash off of ANYTHING. I could not scrub her clean, so for about 5-7 days she was painted white. You might also want to know that white out is poisonous, so I definitely win the mother of the year award.
Yummy berry picking, needless to say we did not come home with many berries!
Yes, not only is she eating a shovel full of sand, but I am watching her do it and taking the time to get a good picture of it.

This is her big brother Joshua trying to sneak a shovel full of sand into Gabriella's hair, I wonder where she learns to be messy?!?


Momma Ballou said...

Too funny. I love her smile. She looks guilty but proud. And Joshy looks so much older. By the way,when will Jesus thrown down a baby brother for him?

Momma Ballou said...

oh ya, remember when Mariah would get into our cat food when we lived in the apartments? Yum. So maybe sand isn't too bad......:)

Doug, Katie, Britton, Hayden, Boston Anderson said...

it's a really good thing she is so darn cute! Oh I miss them soooo much!!!

Lewis Family said...

Gabriella is a doll! Wish you were closer so we could get these little girls together!

Those Crazy Holt's said...

I love, love, love it! These pictures are priceless. Make sure you back them up. I love the whiteout. Carsyn still gets into stuff daily. I found her with the tube of superglue the other day. Luckily she had not figured out how to get the top off.

sharon said...

Good Luck on your race tomorrow Jamie! Keep calling us to keep us up to date. Save lots of lives Kris. Take care of eachother.

We love you. Mom