Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation to Utah

We are so glad that Kris made it to Utah for a few days. The kids were so excited to see him and tell him what we have been doing while he was busy working. These pictures were taken by Kris' dad after our nephew's wedding. It was a fun night and we wish the best to Dallas and Anne as they begin their life together. The kids and I will be leaving Utah on the 27th. We have had such a good time here. We appreciate so much all our family members who housed us, fed us, chauffeured us and especially played with us. Wish me luck as I travel home with all 4 kids by myself, it will be an adventure I am sure! Thanks again for everything, we can't wait to come back.


Mike'n'Amy said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family you have!! Thanks for inviting us to share your blog.

Momma Ballou said...

wow, you're fast! you have the sweetest family in the world.

Lewis Family said...

Hi guys,
I just discovered that you have a different blog page then I have linked on our page. So glad you had fun in Utah. You guys all look great! It's so fun to see how grown up your kids are. Hard to believe that Josh and Isaac are 4 years old. Josh is a handsome little guy!

Casey * Haley * Avery * Owen said...

I love the new blog... looks great. Sounds like you had a nice vacation in Utah. Love the family photos. Your kids are so CUTE! You guys look great too! Take Care!

Doug, Katie, Britton, Hayden, Boston Anderson said...

I miss you already and technically you haven't even left yet. But at 5:00 a.m. I hope to be sleeping and can't miss you when I'm asleep so I have to miss you now.
Anyway I can't tell you how much fun I had while you were here. I am so glad you made the effort to come for SOOOO long j/k. It was wonderful to have you here. I loved being able to bond with all of your kids. They are so fun I loved it. Hopefully the airplane ride was okay. Like you always say nothing lasts forever. (even though it may feel like it.) Come back again really soon okay.

Love you bunches
Your FAVORITE sister

Those Crazy Holt's said...
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Those Crazy Holt's said...

Y'all look like an ad for the most beautiful family in the world! I miss y'all so much!
"Gabarella" is growing up so much! The girls look beautiful and darling as usual. You cut Sammy's hair again. It looks really cute! Just looking at Joshy's sweet smile makes me miss my little "Dennis the Menace"!

I wish so much we could move back to NY. We are doing fine here in NC, but we sure do miss everyone. We have gotten to know the neighbors a little and things are picking up, but I miss having you next door. I miss seeing the kids. Carsyn still talks about Joshy daily.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I will call you soon.
Love You!
Dawn and family

sharon said...

We love ypu guys so much and miss you. Hope you have a wonderfully perfect life. Take good care of each other. We love looking at all the adorable pictures. You are precious to us.

Love, Mom