Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jamie has been gone for two weeks (along with the kids).

My clothes are no longer reappearing in my closet. Everytime I look in the fridge, there is still nothing in there. Fast Freddy, our fish, will not talk back to me. There is nothing good in the mail everyday.

I am looking for recommendations.

The best idea so far:
-someone said to just buy new underwear and socks.
-another suggestion was to go sockless

-any other suggestions would be appreciated
the lonely bachelor


Momma Ballou said...

oh you sweet thing. You should order pizza. I'm sure you can drop your laundry off to have it cleaned. Good luck, see you soon.

sharon said...

Good to hear from you. It won't be too much longer. Sure love ya! Keep saving people from springs in their spine.

Love, Mom

Ryan Wilson said...

I feel for ya man. Rebecca took Andrew and James and has been gone for two weeks on vacation with my family in a beach house on the Oregon Coast and visiting her family in Salt Lake City. I'll be just about finished with these two months of Thoracic Surgery and Surgical Oncology when she gets back. (I've been averaging about 90 hours a week these past two months and haven't been here much anyway). I'm sure you can relate. I'm hungry, lonely, dirty and looking forward to their return. So when you look in your fridge and find it empty, just know that south of you in Pittsburgh my fridge and wallet are just as empty. Hang in there.

Ryan Wilson

Holt Family said...

Poor one to cook and clean for him. Go beg one of the neighbors to fix you some dinner! I am sorry Fast Freddy won't talk back to you. I used to carry on conversations with him also.

Wallin Family said...

I hope that Jordan is fair better than you! You can always find a place that will do your laundry for you.
Ramen Noodles are easy to cook. Call Jordan if you need someone to talk to.

Wallin Family said...

At least the Olympics are on.

antsy nomad said...

Chris - while this advice may be too late... keep it in mind for next time (and there will be a next time). when you get home, carefully put your clothes away - and just go naked in the house. then... throw your dirty clothes in with the sheets being washed at the hospital (or only wear scrubs - all the time!). finally, you can get free food where they donate blood, and by offering to take people's food trays to the 'trash' at the hospital cafeteria (and snarfing a few leftovers). I hope that helps. we miss you guys. I am reading an interesting book right now all about doctors (called 'Better'). so I think of you all the time - (but not in THAT way). Later