Saturday, August 2, 2008

Walt Disney World--"Let's not forget the most important thing, that it was all started by a mouse". Walt Disney

We had a fun vacation to Disney World in June. One day we just decided to go for it and we are so glad we went on this spontaneous vacation. We spent 3 days at different parks, a couple of days enjoying the hotel pool and a lot of time having fun as a family.

Samantha turned out to be the daredevil of the family. She went on the Tower of Terror and all the other big rides. Joshua loved to get mom wet on the log rides, Mariah was too busy shopping to realize we were at Disney World and Gabriella was happy as long as she had her ears and binki.

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Those Crazy Holt's said...

Looking at all of these pictures has made me start crying. I am so sad to not see y'all everyday. My kids really miss yours and I really miss having a friend next door! I hope you are having a great time in Utah.
Love you!