Sunday, December 5, 2010

A little service

Every year I like the kids to be involved in a few service activities for Christmas. This year we found a fun project for them to do. We filled shoe boxes with surprises and dropped them off at a local church. They are then distributed all around the world to kids who need a little love. The kids loved this project. I thought Gabriella would have a hard time packing away all the gifts she had picked out, but she was thrilled to send them away to "a whittle durl" far away. I love moments when you can see your kids grasp the idea of something bigger than themselves. Especially when it makes them so happy to serve someone else!

Olivia watched us carefully and made sure we took care of everything properly!

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N. Tipps said...

Olivia has some great blue eyes! All your kids are gorgeous. Merry Christmas, Jamie!