Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gingerbread House Party 2010

We had a gingerbread house party with some of the resident families that Kris works with. The kids had so much candy to choose from it was ridiculous! After they had their fun we put on a movie for them and the adults had a building competition of their own. It was boys against girls and although I think the judges were wrong--the boys were the winners! It was lots of fun and we are still recovering from the sugar overload.

The boys won with the two story Santa's workshop. I think the judges were amazed that they pulled off a two story gingerbread house that was all they could think about.

Here's the girls and their Santa's workshop. It was all about the details, too bad you can't see them:)

Gabriella was not going to be slowed down by involving her hands--she just dove in for a bite!
So much fun!

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