Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve started with a bit of sledding at the kids school. Not much of a hill but we had fun anyway. Then it was off to enjoy a nice dinner with some of our friends. We miss our family so much this time of year, but we are very grateful we have friends to share good times with.

After dinner we came home to enjoy our own family traditions. We always act out the nativity. Each year we just pick which part we want to play and then find our own costume for it. Joshua was a sheperd (how do you spell that??) Gabriella was an angel, Mariah was the star, Samantha was Mary, Kris was Joseph and the narrator, I was a wise man. I scared Olivia with my costume, and I have to give credit to Veronica's sister for the inspiration:)

After the lovely story of Christ's birth the kids opened the gifts they always carefully pick out for each other and they open new pj's from us, and this year we let them open the slippers they got from the Palmer cousins. It was so much fun. It was always a very nice night for our little family to enjoy together. The kids were in bed and asleep by 10:00. But, they were up again at 3:50. We held them off until 5:15 and then it was on! We enjoyed a sweet Christmas day. Gabriella took 2 naps and Kris only had to go into work for a couple of hours. We just played and relaxed and played all day! I love Christmas and I am sad to see it over for another year. It came and went so fast this year. I was glad we managed to find a little time to enjoy it!

Olivia and the cuddly bear Joshua picked out for her, she loves it!
Joshua opening the star wars pencil he wanted at the school book fair clear back in Sept. Mariah ran back into the school while I was getting the kids in the car and bought it without him knowing. It was a cute surprise.

Love, love, LOVE these sweet kids!
Love all the cute slippers! Thanks Palmer cousins:)

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