Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Palmyra Temple

The Palmyra temple is one of the smaller temples. It has been here for a few years and I am very grateful for that. If it was not here we would have to travel to DC or Toronto to the next closest temple. The windows on the temple are beautiful stained glass that look like trees in the sacred grove. Veronica told us a neat thing about the temple. I guess on all the other temples there are not any windows that are clear or that you can see into. But, President Hinckley gave special permission for a set of windows to be placed facing the sacred grove so you can see the grove from the temple. The kids loved being able to walk right up to the temple. The grounds were beautiful and it was very peaceful.

I hope the kids will always be this determined to get into the temple!

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joolee said...

ahhh, i love palmyra! isn't that temple so pretty and small?? the manhattan temple is closest to my family's home now, but growing up we had to go to DC - it was like a 6-8 hr. trip! i'm so glad to live near the portland temple.