Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Graduation of the sweetest kid!

Joshua had his Preschool graduation today. I was teared up through most of it. Moslty it was because of sweet Joshua completing yet another step in his short life and a little bit because they set up a table of cookies right next to us and I had to wrestle Gabriella away from them the entire program. He sang us some cute songs. His favorite is the book and glasses song. He giggles every time he sings it. They each earned a diploma certificate and then we were finally able to let Gabriella have a cookie! She ate about 12, but I did not care at that point.
I love that Joshua will be able to join his big sisters on the bus next year, but I will be so sad to lose my little buddy. I don't know how Bree and I will get along without him next year. He walked around and said good bye to all his friends. He was surprised when I told him some of them might be in his class next year. He thought he would never see them again. That made him very happy!

Sorry most the pictures are blurry, but remember I was taking pictures and wrestling a cookie seeking little monkey:)


Doug, Katie, Britton, Hayden, Boston Anderson said...

What a great update. I haven't seen your blog for a while. I miss your kids so much. I hope you can come this summer. Your kids all look so big and cute in all of their school events. Your trip also looks so fun. We need to get out there and see all that! Are you ready for some house guests? Love ya lots,

Lewis Family said...

Big kid! Can't believe our boys will be in kindergarten! It goes by too fast!

Those Crazy Holt's said...

COngrats to Joshie! I do miss his little "Dennis the Menace" self. He is so handsome. I know you will be lonesome next year without him. I have decided to pre-school Carsyn at home since it will be my last year at home with her. She is not eligible for Kindergarten. I just am not ready to let go...the plight of a mother I guess.