Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun around the house--cause it is too cold outside!

Daddy and Gabriella dancing on the table. You should see her tiny feet move! Love the sunglasses baby girl!

Another chocolate lover in the family! Aunt Nanna sent us each a little box of See's candy for Valentine's day. I thought I would get to eat her chocolates too, but she found them and enjoyed them all at once. Little stinker, I have many chocolate finger smudges all over the house to remind me how much she likes chocolate!
Snow, snow, go away! Just when we began to have little patches of grass poking through the snow, it dumped on us again. Another 2 feet over the weekend! It is getting really, really old. We didn't get a chance to take down the trampoline this fall and tried to get Mariah to bounce it off, it didn't go so well. Hope it has some spring left in it after the great thaw!

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sharon said...

I love seeing the pictures and reading about all the fun stuff. I sent a packagge off today. Hope you like it. We love you. Call me about the garments. I keep forgetting to ask.

Love forever and ever, Mom