Thursday, June 3, 2010

May Happy Times

Some sibling love...Joshua was trying to be so patient with Gabriella as they played XBox. She is completely clueless and just pushes buttons and then yells at Joshua for her guy to go the right way. He was such a good big brother to let her play for a long time.
As they were trying to play Xbox, the older girls were enjoying a movie on Daddy's phone.
And here is Joshua with his brother from another mother:) Joshua decided to forgo a real birthday party and enjoy a special outing to the Monster Truck show. However, he did require that he had a birthday cake, more presents, and goodie bags. So that is what he got. He had a great time at the show and I appreciate Jon and Bryan taking him since Kris was on call at the hospital.

I went to pick him up from Michael's house after the truck show and it was really late. He fell asleep in the car and had to be forced into pajamas. In the middle of the getting ready for bed process he informed me that he was bored. I guess brushing teeth would seem really boring after the truck show, but it still had to be done. The poor kid was asleep before I could even leave the room. When he woke up the next morning he was already telling me all the things he wanted to do for his birthday next year. I wonder when he will get too old to care so much about his birthday? I hope it is not for a very long time, he is too cute about his birthday.
Four months old! Little Olivia is full of smiles these days. She loves people to talk to her and she is quite the little talker herself! She has learned to brace herself when she hears Gabriella's voice coming at her. Livi is such a good sport about all the steamrollers she gets! Still such a sweet baby.


Ballou said...

I Can't believe how much Josh looks like Kris in the picture with his friend! Your little ones are so sweet. Can't wait to see you all this summer

sharon said...

Thankyou, thankyou for making the time to update your blog! I love seeing the you all.

Hope you have a wonderful summer.

Love, Grandma Sharon

Code Yellow Mom said...

I don't know why it's taken so long for me to come here...your Livi is adorable!!! And I can't believe how Josh and Gabriella have grown - so sweet that he lets her play XBox so patiently. :) We miss you! (Traci Mellor)

MindyMindy said...

Lovin the pictures. :)
Cute cake too! I'm glad the boys loved the Monster Trucks! I wish I had seen them there. ha ha.

Veronica said...

Looked at your blog today just to see your faces. Love you!
the Haymores