Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Joshua's Birthday!!!

This boy is the best! He is such an adventure. His sisters adore him...

He is learning SOOO much at school. He loves to read to us each night. He even reads to his baby sister, and makes sure to show her the pictures.
He loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him. I hope he turns out just like his Daddy! These guys gotta stick together.

His first birthday was such fun. Our little monkey loved his cake. I have never seen a kid eat so fast. He had not tasted chocolate or real sugar before so he was in HEAVEN!!!! It was all down hill from there...
This kid loved "aminals" so much. We had his 2nd birthday at a farm in Virginia. He would climb up the fences and lean over and just stare at the "aminals". However, not just any animal was an animal. ONLY farm animals were ok by his standards. We spent a lot of time at the farm during his first couple years.

Love this boy! Love, love, love him! Happy birthday little man, and please grow a little slower!

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Lewis Family said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!! Fun to see Joshua wrestling and following in his dad's footsteps. I agree... it would be way hard to watch your son wrestle. What a tough little guy! I have a hard enough time watching when they are up to bat in baseball!