Monday, April 19, 2010

I got a crack in my head!

Joshua was at school on Thursday when he decided he really had to go to the bathroom. He ran full speed to the bathroom and tripped right before the door and fell head first into the metal door frame--ouch! He started bleeding a lot and while some of the other kids were freaking out, Joshua was unfazed. I picked him up from school and took him to Kris, who found a plastic surgeon, who fixed him right up. They were home within an hour. It sure helps to know people. It is moments like these that make the last 8 years of medical training and thousands of dollars in tuition seem worthwhile:) Joshua was amazingly brave during the whole process. When the Dr. did one of the stitches Josh said "whoa, what was that"? Kris thought "uh, that would be a needle going through your forehead." Kris spared him the details. He is pretty proud of his battle scar.

Did I mention it was the second time since we have lived here that Josh has made a visit to this same plastic surgeon for facial wounds?


joolee said...

oh gosh, i can see Madsen having MANY incidents like these...and i'm not looking forward to them! glad he's ok. :)

sharon said...

Thanks, I printed it off great. What a darling picture.

Love ya lots!

Cianne said...

Where is Jordan when you need him?