Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Gabriella Jordan!!!!

I honestly could not imagine both Gabriella and I would survive her second year! She has been a very challenging, very fun, and very energetic two year old. Did I mention she was challenging???

We lost all the pictures of Gabriella during her first year of life, so unfortunately one of the only pictures we have of her as a newborn is with me too. She is just 3 weeks old in this picture and she had just attended Daddy's graduation from medical school. She still had us tricked at this point and seemed like a very calm baby:)

Her first birthday was so much fun. We like to celebrate our little ones first year of life with a fun family birthday party. She was a sweet "little lady" and enjoyed her birthday cake (and first taste of sugar) very much! Maybe that is what we did wrong, let her eat sugar....
Two years old! The face pretty much says it all. This little spitfire has been a joy for our whole family. No one is going to walk all over this baby girl! We just have to hope her energy is focused in a positive direction and nothing will be able to stop her!

She calls herself Briella Puff, not sure why but she will get very upset if you tell her that is not her name.

So, Miss Briella Puff, we love you and wouldn't change a thing about you!

Happy 3rd birthday little sweetie!
Hopefully this year will be a little smoother for both of us:)


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday! Can't believe she is that old! It seems like yesterday we helped you move in and she was a newborn!

burton family said...

She is so cute! Tell me if you find a solution to the challenges. Orion is hitting that faze.