Thursday, November 12, 2009


Halloween is always such a fun day! It started off with a parade at the kids school. This is Mariah's last year to walk in the parade and that made me a little sad. Where do the years go? I was also able to peek in on all the kids Halloween parties in their classes. Wow, there was a lot of sugar consumed! I got to Mariah's class in time to watch them all have a donut eating race. Mariah actually won! It was really funny to watch the boys reaction to her winning. One girl said, "but you are so girlie, how can you eat that fast?" It was a proud moment to be her mother, I think? At least I was glad I was able to watch it.

Sweetest witch in the world!
Go Vikings! If I had to hear Mariah say one more time "I can't believe you used to fit this uniform" I was gonna give her away! I try to make myself feel better by thinking that it is because I am 7 months pregnant that she can't believe it--but whatever!
Joshua has wanted to be Robin since May. I am so glad we found him a costume that he had in mind, he is very particular. No matter how tough he thinks he is, I think he is ADORABLE!!!
Mariah and her prize winning donut eating!
I am sure anyone who knows Gabriella thinks that a devil costume would have been more fitting for her, but we are trying to bring out positive qualities in her. One lady suggested I just add a devil tail to her angel costume, that would have been funny--but I didn't so we will just pretend she is all angel!


Estelle said...

I LOVE that Mariah is wearing your old cheerleading outfit! How cute! And that she's the girlie-girl who beats the boys at donut-eating...even better!

Those Crazy Holt's said...

They are all too cute! I miss them terribly. Gabriella is adorable in her angel costume. I would believe in her!

Doug, Katie, Britton, Hayden, Boston Anderson said...

The kids look so cute. Mariah looks like she could cheer for viewmont right now. She looks so grown up.

Lewis Family said...

Looks like a great Halloween!! The kids are all getting so big !!!! Especially Mariah, good grief she's almost a teenager! Don't you just love how kids have a knack for boosting our self esteem. You look great by the way! Looking forward to seeing the pictures of West child #5.

Kao said...

So Cute! Love the costumes. Go Mariah! I can't believe how big your kids are getting.

Carolyn said...

Great costumes, your kids all look so cute. Kids sure have a way of saying just the "right" thing don't they!