Sunday, March 4, 2012

February...we survived!

February has always been a month that we just tried to endure. The cold weather usually gets really annoying and we are anxious for spring to make an appearance. For years we have attended to local boat show in February. We used to go in Utah, then tried the one in DC, and attended the one here in NY a couple of times. In fact, the first time we went to the boat show together as a married couple we saw the beautiful Mariah boats and decided to name our first daughter Mariah. How is that for deep meaning in a name:) Anyway, my point is that with the birth of little Jacob we now have something more important to celebrate each February. His arrival certainly made this February fly by...and we have enjoyed every moment. Now if we could just get spring to show up....

Here are a few highlights from Jacob's first month.

Jacob is so sweet and squishy, especially when he is sleeping.

Happy Valentine's day! This shirt was on for about 30 seconds before he spit up all over it.

Olivia cannot get enough of her new brother. She is actually very kind and attentive to his needs. She loves to give him his binky. We do need to keep the bedroom door locked when he is sleeping in his cradle or she will try to wake him up.
His poor eyes were so red for the first couple of weeks. They continue to clear up everyday.
We all loved having Grandma here with us for a couple of weeks. We were so happy Jacob made an early appearance so we could have her help when he arrived. I still don't know how she kept up with the laundry so well. We hope we didn't take advantage of her too much because we would love for her to come back!

My friend Darice and I were due with our babies just a couple of weeks apart. I am not opposed to arranged marriages...she is a cutie.


Casey * Haley * Avery * Owen said...

Jaime and Chris we are so excited for you guys. Jacob is so sweet. You have an amazing family. I am so happy for you to move onto fellowship this next year. Please stay in touch with Casey. He wants to help Chris in his job hunt. Best wishes to you guys in the months ahead with the move and all. Congrats!

Heidi said...

I love that first picture of Jacob- so adorable! I am always so grateful when my mom can come and help when a new baby comes. What a blessing.

joolee said...

gosh, you don't even LOOK like you just had a baby! you make it seem so easy, ha! wow, your other five are so grown up - i bet they are so helpful. so happy for you guys!! what a cutie - STOP making me baby-hungry for another boy... :)