Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Too fast...

Olivia Grace 5 months old!
(ok so she is actually 5 1/2 months old in
these pictures, it was the best I could do)

Why do these cute little ones have to grow at all? Olivia finally got to graduate from her cradle to the crib. She was getting pretty wiggly in her cradle. It is a good sign they are ready to move out of the cradle when they can rock it themselves. She is such a good girl!

Here are a couple of pictures of her when she was still cradle size...

Sigh...where does the time go?


West said...

I LOVE the blanket she has on! She is so so beautiful!!! t your fam is so darling! I love the WT pictures so much fun!! you always have such cute posts!

Estelle said...

Awww, is it just me or does Olivia look just like Gabriella? I complain every day about my kids (especially Shelby) getting bigger. EVERY. Single. Day. I hate it.

Also love the redneck party getup!!! What a great idea for a party! I'll have to remember that one.

MindyMindy said...

Man she is CUTE!
I love your music too. ha ha.
I come here to listen to it even when ya dont have an update. Do I sound like Kris or what!?
Lovin the pics.