Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gabriella's Birthday Celebration

So, we finally got around to celebrating Gabriella's birthday yesterday. Luckily she doesn't have a clue when her birthday is supposed to be. She insisted on being silly for her picture.
Thanks Aunt Christy and Aunt Katie for the fabulous gifts. She was totally surprised, no really, even though she picked them out herself she acted as though it was the first time she had seen them. Thanks for thinking of her!
We have given all of our girls a bitty baby doll for their second birthday. Gabriella was just as thrilled about hers as her older sisters were when they received theirs. She hugged the box and couldn't wait for us to get her out. She kissed and hugged the doll until she remembered she had more presents to open.

My parents gave Gabriella a fancy crib for her new baby doll. When we took all the parts out of the box to put it together Bree immediately put her doll in the box and told her to sleep. It just goes to show us all once again that kids are just as happy with the box a toy comes in. Could have saved you a bit of money Grandma and Grandpa, sorry about that.

It took two tries to get both candles out, but she did it! Joshua was disappointed that we didn't let her squish the cake in her hair like last year. I tried to explain that was a thing that happens only on her 1st birthday but he thought I was pretty lame. What can I say, I am.

Happy Birthday little Gabriella Jordan! We love you and your spunky personality, it keeps us all smiling! But, I must insist that you STOP GROWING UP!!!!


Donahue Family said...

Aw Jamie how cute!!!!
I love all the pictures.
I cant believe she is 2.
Happy Birthday Gabriella!

Estelle said...

Happy birthday Gabriella! I didn't spot any crying pictures, Jamie. I'll have to get hints from you about how to throw a kid birthday the RIGHT way because you are obviously NOT lame!

West said...

Happy Birthday little girl! she is so sweet and so cute! I love the dance pictures too..I can't wait to put Tayton in dance class!

Alyson said...

She is getting so big! What a cutie. Jamie, some times i think of you early in the morning as i turn the hall light on and it take 25 minutes to flicker on. I think that is the only thing i can remember you ever complaining about during medical school.