Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

We had such a fun Halloween night. After school the kids carved their pumpkins and they were all very particular about how they wanted it done. Joshua was so proud of his that while he was saying the blessing on the food at dinner he mentioned that his was the "best pumpkin ever and that triangle eyes and a bat mouth were awesome." He takes his role as Ninja Turtle very seriously. (Sorry Katie that it will be coming back to you very well loved.) Mariah was a vampiress, Samantha was Giselle, and Bree was a fairy. The first time we tried to take Gabriella's fairy wings off she threw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen one of my kids have. It was slightly scary how upset she was about her wings. She loved dressing up and caught on to the whole trick or treating thing way too fast. Our neighborhood is perfect for trick or treating. Because it is so great (lots of houses in a small area) we get tons of people who drive to our neighborhood, park their car and gather their candy. One neighbor told us they plan on about 350 kids and usually run out of candy. I believe it, the streets are packed. Even the fire station drives trucks through the streets and have the firefighters hand out candy!

Now I just need suggestions on how to limit all the candy consumption!


Donahue Family said...

Great pupmkins!!
Love the candy pics! They look very excited about all the candy they get to eat!

Momma Ballou said...

I'm so glad you all had such a good time. porter had a blast too. Although he got tired towards the end. He would say "just one more house and them we're outa here!"
Okay onto Christmas. We actually drew names last night. Mariah has Bailey. Samantha has Savannah. Josh has Porter. Gabriella has Hayden. You have Julie and Kris has Steve. (Michelles son)
love ya

Sunny said...

OK, so how did I not know you had this blog? I knew you had your Mac one, but I didn't know about this one. I just saw your comment on Katie's and followed it here. I'm so glad! It's so fun to see your pictures. I love Kris's costume. :)

Send me an email ( with the email address that you log into blogger and i'll invite you to my blog. I just recently made it private. Kind of lame, I know.

I'll be checking in more often now.

Sunny said...

Yes, Melissa's blog is private. I'll tell her to send you an invite. I'm so glad we can be blog buddies!! BTW, your house is darling.

Wallin Family said...

I just let my kids eat it all day long and then it is gone in less than a week. Good plan? Well, they haven't eaten much besides candy.

Carolyn said...

Have your kids come down off their sugar high yet? Mine haven't! It looks like you guys had a great Halloween. All your costumes are really cute but I have to admit, I think Kris's beats them all, especially with the wig!

Kao said...

You guys always have great costumes for Halloween. As for us, all I can say is that we did start dressing up these past few years...nothing fancy like you guys. Although, Ian did win scariest costume at a Halloween party.